Hanging by a thread

I’m desperate

Please, cut the rope!

Let it go!

I throw my head back

And see the world go around in circles

I cannot lie

My soul is running dry

Now I’m in the path of new rain

Get away!

Mind is playing games

Body has surrendered

I’m falling into His lap

His face is beautiful

I can’t look away

He touches my head

Looks intently into my eyes

And I break into a million pieces

I wake up

Taking deep breaths

I lay on a Cornerstone

I remember my last thought

Before a sea blanketed me

It was You

Tonight the night sky looks bright

As I lay under the stars

I notice the rope of death inches away from me

The one that I held onto for too long

The one on which I hung

It’s powerless now

Lord, you are able to thread the stars on a string

And reveal your grandeur to the world

Instead, you came looking for me

You weaved me into your family

And I felt it

Yes, even in my sleep I felt your healing touch

You put out the raging fire in my heart

In its place you put hope

You placed a vision and a dream in me

You set me free to love

You breathed new life into every part of me

In Your powerful hands, I have come alive!