Stepping stones

Grand Marais MN

I’m here today

gone tomorrow

I check the clock too often

Days swiftly pass me by

Deafening silence surrounds me

Sinking sand rises up to my ankles

I may be positive and driven

But some days I feel afraid

and I can’t quiet my soul

I’m restless and impatient

I want to mend broken hearts

and inspire spirits that

are on the verge of giving up

But some days my heart needs fixing

and my spirit needs a lift

Verses remind me to

Knock, Seek and Ask

I can’t make myself knock until the door opens

How long do I keep knocking?

I can’t seek until I find

Am I sure of what I’m looking for?

I can’t ask until I’m given

Is anybody listening?

It’s a struggle sometimes

I don’t understand

and I have no control

Like an earthquake that violently shakes

Just for a moment

I’m on the ground

with my face in my hands

It’s in that moment that I know

I can and

I must

So I turn to eternity

It seems unreachable

but my heart is already there

I must catch up with the truth

I must climb up on that Solid Rock

Where I’m fearless

On the ugliest days

When the sand starts filling up

Hope and gratitude cover me

I dance around on that rock

Around my failures

Turning them into stepping stones

Taking every step in faith

with conviction of things unseen

The best is yet to come

Even if you can’t see it

or imagine it

Don’t stop dreaming

Start believing and

thinking about things

that are true







worthy of praise


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