You don’t get it

I’m not afraid anymore

Not afraid to say no

Not afraid to say that I Believe

Not afraid of darkness

Not afraid of memories

I strive to be childlike sometimes

Though it’s scary

I remember when I was a little girl

I couldn’t say NO

But it has no power anymore

My past is in the past

Imagine having nothing to worry about

Imagine a world where people understand you

They want to hear all about you

“I want to listen to your story!”

But when they do,

They run away

Afraid of becoming a wretch like you

And you scream, “I’ve come a long way!”

And you feel stupid and filthy

Suddenly, you want to protect your story

Carried away

You hide

But guess what?

This time I will walk away

I will be all alone

But I’ll be in the presence of Love

Fierce love

Not the kind you are familiar with

But the kind that understands

Tonight He stands in front of me

“May I have this dance?”


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