This is much too familiar

It’s happening again

What do you want?

Don’t lie to me

I’m not the kind of person you want me to be

Your polished ways worry me

I can see through it all

I promise you, I cannot satisfy

Do you remember my story?

Remember my painful secrets?

What have you done?

You turned the page too soon

So forget everything that I said

Walk away with your fantasies

Leave me with a stain of guilt

Put me to shame

I’ve seen every high hill and

Every spreading tree

I can’t be stubborn anymore

My hands are on my head

I’m sitting by the roadside

Like a nomad in the desert

Blushing with shame

Afraid of running into wolves again

Afraid that I will give in

So I’m waiting here

There’s nobody here to see me cry

Nobody to listen to my story

I wouldn’t trust them anyway

Living in the midst of deception

I’ve worn myself out

I need the balm of Gilead

I will tell Him my story

The One who loved me first

Before I even realized what I’d done

Then I will be quiet

And listen to His voice

Maybe I won’t say a word

I’ll just receive your rest

I’ll watch as crimson turns white


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